Small Steps Forward

I’ve had a better few days.  Amazing how being honest out loud helps to challenge wrong thinking and wrong action.

As I’ve looked back on the last few weeks it has been good to acknowledge and see some of the things that contributed to the little blip:

  • I’ve been really busy and so let little things slide
  • Dealt with a small confrontation that demanded lots of mental energy, so I reverted to tried and trusted unhelpful methods of coping
  • Some of my good friends are having a tough time with dying parents and other stressors, so I’ve been reluctant to ask for extra support, feeling like I should be over all this by now
  • Some stress about living and work situation bubbling away in the background.
So what have I learnt?
Recovery is a long and slow process – longer and slower than I’d like!  While I’ve got lots more tools for dealing with anxiety, change and uncertainty than I’ve had in the past, I’ve also got years of maladaptive coping strategies in my head too, so it is not surprising that when I am under stress I sometimes resort to those unhelpful behaviours.
The good news is that I am much more aware of what is going on nowadays and much quicker at acting on things to turn it around.  So after almost 48 hours of eating better, things are looking a little less wobbly.

3 responses to “Small Steps Forward

  1. Awesome to hear.
    I love your forgiving attitude and the fact that you celebrated how much more aware you are now.

  2. Hope you’re going okay and that life and work stresses are settling down.

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